Traditional Design

Traditional Design. Its familiar, elegant, and timeless. We typically use “traditional” to describe any style of architecture that lacks modern details. From Georgian to French Chateau to English Country, traditional design is about detail and symmetry. Here are some of our favourite traditional homes and interpretations of this architectural style.

Balancing an elegant appeal with a warm and welcoming presence is Old Oakville. The cottage-like exterior blends rustic stone with refined details. The second storey is enveloped by the cedar shingled roof, giving the home a cozy and intimate feel. The copper eaves and downspouts add character and maturity. The double column entry creates formality and the double chimney design adds strength.

Traditional home front entry with white column, wood front door and flagstone walkway.

The prominent characteristic of Georgian architecture is symmetry. The proportion, balance, and simplicity of the symmetrical massing make it a timeless architectural style. This Toronto home is a true Georgian Classic. The use of copper detailing, double hung windows, and the traditional use of red brick further emphasize the purity of this style.

Traditional house with arched windows, brick and black frame windows.

We designed the Ravine Estate House over 15 years ago, and today, it still acts as a source of inspiration for many of our clients. Constructed on a wooded ravine lot, this sprawling bungalow produces spectacular views to the valley below. The rustic stone and warm, earthy colour palette enhance the home’s continuity with the natural environment. The wide lot allows the house to be extended laterally, producing its understated grandeur, while the resulting shallow depth offers maximum natural light to all interior spaces. Together, all elements work together to create a truly timeless design.

Traditional home with natural stone, beige colour scheme and circular driveway.

Our project, The Curved Lot, is a great example of a traditional home forming a harmonious relationship with its property. The location of the property is unique, tucked into the intersection of a busy major road and a winding side street. As a result, the positioning of the home was equally unique, with a direct focus on the best attribute of the property: a curved side yard lined with beautifully matured trees. Great care was taken to ensure the home didn’t feel like it was dominating the land with its sheer size. Large gables and a steeply pitched roof help conceal the second floor, giving the home an overall grounded, yet formal appearance.

Luxury home with natural stone, iron gate and wood shutters.

French Chateau, a style known for its grandeur. Over the past several years, we’ve seen this style reinterpreted across the GTA, often with more modern detailing. We kept it classic with this design, using intricate yet subtle detail in the dormers, cast iron accents and rooflines to capture the architectural style. The combination of exterior materials – heavy masonry, brick and stucco – all in a neutral colour palette, emphasize the stately nature of the home.

Mississauga home with arched windows, stone walkway and copper detailing.

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